VPN Setup

First thing is first and that is you need to download and install OpenVPN to connect to the VPN, you can download it here from their official site: https://openvpn.net/downloads/openvpn-connect-v3-windows.msi 

  • Once your purchase has completed you can navigate to the client area and click on the service you have active
  • The part you want is at the bottom of the next page after you click on your active product twice. You will see a section that says Download Cert. Files
  • Notice your login username and password on the left side from when you purchased it asked for username and password that is your VPN login details
  • Click on the Download Cert. Files button and pick whatever sever you want from the list (can download multiple and then rename the file once on your desktop to whatever you want) Example client.ovpn rename it to Chicago1.ovpn
  • Once that file is on your desktop and downloaded from the website you need to run/open the OpenVPN program. Then click the + sign and import the files you downloaded and connect with your VPN login details from the email we sent you or from the Client Area. 
  • Feel free to open a ticket with any questions or problems you may run into!


Here are some screenshots to help you when importing the VPN Cert/ovpn file:



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VPN Setup

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